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What our students have to say about our improv classes…

“Bob brings improv to life in NWI. His passion shines through in his teaching and he wants the best for each student. Great class, great fun! Highly recommended.” ~ L. Z.

“I struggle with trying new things, specifically new things I worry I won’t be very good at. I signed up for the first class as part of a new year’s resolution to challenge myself and it was the best thing I did throughout the year.  Your coaching taught me a new approach to unknown situations. I have become more confident in my own abilities and am able to focus on the content of a meeting or discussion rather than simply my own contribution. I am able to relax more in social situations and just enjoy what I’m doing. Improv brought more fun into my life, work, and friendships.” ~ B.E.

“Improv has helped me be a better listener. I focus on the person and what they are saying versus what i am going to say back. Bob’s improvising direction has made the transition from short to long form so easy. From day one of class his technique has helped me “play” with the best improvisors in Chicago. Hands down, best around instructors.” ~ R.D.



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Disposable Theatre has been teaching improv in Northwest Indiana since 2010. We’ve helped hundreds of people become more comfortable in group settings, laugh more and enjoy life.

Improv is for everyone and our students come from all walks of life, all ages and from Gary, Hammond, Highland, Mishawaka, South Bend, Knox and all points in between!

The classes are no pressure explorations of improv. They’re fun and you’ll see you can become better at what you do and laugh with your life and enjoy things. Every performer in both Disposable Theatre and Same Difference has taken our workshops and classes.

If your plan is to learn some improv basics from us and then go to Chicago, we’re a great place to start or reacquaint yourself. Our  students have gone on to study at the Second City Conservatory Program, IO Theatre, Columbia College Comedy Studies Program, with Jimmy Carrane and others. We’re continuing the tradition and lineage of Del Close, Martin DeMaat, Don DePollo, Adam McKay, Keith Johnstone, ImprovOlympic, Second City, TheatreSports and the others who have come before us to create this great art form.

Regardless of your goals, Disposable Theatre improv classes can help you achieve them.


Improv 101: In this 6-class workshop you’ll learn the basic foundations of improvisation; to trust yourself, to get outside of your comfort zone and to experience life through different eyes. We’ll cover the all of the basics of improvisation from “Yes, and…” to object work and creating scenes through agreement and cooperation.

Whether your goal is to become a famous actor or comedian, a better communicator, co-worker or leader, Improv 101 will help you become a better you and it will be the most fun you’ve ever had in a class!

WHEN: Sundays from 5-7 p.m. from April 22 through June 10. (total of six classes – NO classes on Mother’s Day May 13 and Memorial Day Weekend May 27)

WHERE: Classes are held at TopFuel Crossfit, located at 2950 W. Morthland Drive in Valparaiso (on US 30 near Stracks).

HOW: Tuition for Improv 101 is $175. Class size is limited to a minimum of 12 students and a maximum of 18 students. (LINK BELOW FOR REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT)

Contact us today at and find out more about our upcoming classes!

Improv really is for Everyone! – read this article in Men’s Health about who really take improv classes

and how they succeed in all walks of life because of it!

Another Great Article about Bill Murray and improv….click here!

Why take improv? Here’s one opinion:

“Improv, of course, isn’t just for actors or comedians. What would your life be like if you knew you could expertly handle any random situation the world threw at you? How much confidence would it bring to trust you’ll know exactly what to say the moment you’re saying it?”  Tyler Tervooren, the Founder of Riskology LLC.

Read about Why Improv Helps Leadership skills here.